How to Apply to Study Abroad

Spring 2014 Study Abroad Applications due October 1st.


If you are interested in applying for a Study Abroad program:

  1. Once you have chosen a program, meet with your Study Abroad Advisor to obtain the appropriate details of the application process for your selected program, as well as the Study Abroad Budget Estimate Form.
  2. Complete the UNC study abroad application below, along with any corresponding application you may have to fill out for affiliated programs. Students studying through ISEP or an affiliated program will need to complete a UNC application and a corresponding application. Return all materials to your designated Study Abroad Advisor.
  3. Turn in complete applications to the CIE- Study Abroad & Exchange Office. Only complete applications will be reviewed.
  4. Complete a Budget Estimate Form and meet with the Office of Financial Aid.
  5. Complete the Transfer Credit Pre-Approval Form for classes you will take abroad.

UNC Study Abroad Application

Important Deadlines

September 1
for ISEP-Exchange Spring programs
October 1
for Spring programs

February 15 for NSE, ISEP-Exchange Summer and Fall programs
March 12 for all other Summer and Fall programs

*Please note that students applying to an a study abroad program through ISEP or an affiliated program will need to complete additional applications for those programs in addition to the UNC Study Abroad application.


How can I be assured that I receive full credit for the classes I am taking abroad?

All students going abroad need to complete the credit pre-approval forms. Students will complete these in conjunction with their Academic Advisor, CIE, and individual UNC departments. For each course you transfer back, you MUST get the appropriate department's signature and form completed. Please follow directions on each form respectively.

Return all forms to CIE BEFORE your departure. Failure to complete appropriate forms will result in a delay in transferring your credits upon your return, and will not guarantee that courses taken abroad will come back as intended.


What are the credit and grade equivalencies where I am studying?

  • Credit Equivalencies: Remember that not all international credit systems are equivalent to the US system used at UNC. For a list of common international school-UNC credit equivalencies, click here. When in doubt, UNC uses the following formula for international transfer credit hours: 15 contact hours = 1 UNC credit.
  • Grade Equivalencies: All coursework taken abroad is will come back as transfer credit, which means you must earn the international equivalent of a C- or better in order to receive credit for the course. For a list of international grade equivalencies, click here.


What if my courses change while I'm abroad and I didn't get the course(s) pre-approved?

Please email you Academic Advisor and/or the appropriate academic department to get approval via email. After determining if the course is an equivalency, substitution, or LAC request, the appropriate form above must be completed and sent by campus mail to Campus Box 52 (CIE Office).


Where do I get a Budget Estimate Form and how do I fill it out?

Your Study Abroad Advisor will provide you with a Budget Estimate Form and will help you complete the form in regulation with Federal Financial Aid guidelines. You will then take the completed form to the Office of Financial Aid to determine your UNC and federal award eligibility. It is your responsibility to understand how you will be financing your education abroad and guarantee that you have enough money budgeted for your time abroad.