Cross-Cultural Programming


Denver Trip: A Taste of Colorado, Friday, September 4, 4pm-11pm

  • Food, outdoor stages with entertainment, carnival rides, arts and crafts!
  • Cost: $10 per person for transportation.
  • Meet at the CIE Office at 4:00pm and return to the CIE at 11pm. _________________________________________________________

Study Abroad & Cultural Fair, Thursday, September 10, 10am-2pm

  • University Center west lawn. _________________________________________________________

Pacific Ocean Marketplace Shopping

    • Meet at the CIE office at 8:am, return to the CIE at 1pm.
    • Cost: $10 per person for transportation. _________________________________________________________

    Colorado Rapids Professional Soccer Game

    • Meet at the CIE Office at 3pm, return to the CIE at 9pm.
    • Cost: $15 per person for transportation. _________________________________________________________

    International Ambassador Program

    The International Ambassador Program focuses on creating a mutual learning opportunity between Americans and international students. Ambassadors help international students' adjustment to living in the United States by providing both support and friendship through correspondence that begins even before international students arrive on campus. In return, international students have the opportunity to share their unique cultures, experiences and perspectives with their domestic mentors. Through this collaboration, both mentors and international students enhance their intercultural communication, leadership, and global awareness skills.The initial commitment is one semester with the option to extend for multiple semesters.

    International Ambassador Form

    Friendship Family Program

    This is a cultural exchange between International students at the UNC and local families who are interested in developing international friendships and furthering their cross-cultural awareness.

    Friendship families do not provide living accommodations. Instead, families get together with student for different activities such as dinners, movies, sporting events, sightseeing etc. Friendship families provide a family environment for students away from home.

    Friendship Family Form


    The CIE event registration is now online.  Fall Events will be posted soon! .

    • At our event registration page you can see all the upcoming events that are available for registration.  
    • Payments must be made at the time of signing up. 
    • Only credit and debit cards are accepted.