First Year Experience

ropescourseThe CHE program prioritizes the first year of a student’s experience as this is a year filled with lots of opportunities and challenges. All CHE students start their first year with the CHE Connections Conference in which students are provided individual attention and develop relationships with their peers.  Additionally students work with their academic advisor and prepare for classroom expectations. 

CHE participants also take linked coursework with their peers.  Most students will take English 122, ET 100, FYE 108 and potentially the Ropes Course during their first semester in CHE. The following semester, they will likely take English 123 and Library 150 together. This linked coursework allows students to become familiar with their peers and each course is structured to allow for maximum individual attention from the instructor. For descriptions of the CHE courses click on Curriculum Overview.

chestudentsAdditionally, CHE participants will have a minimum of six to eight contacts with their CHE assigned advisor each semester and receive integrated tutoring support for their curriculum. Finally, individualized support in navigating personal, financial, and/or living arrangement support is provided as needed throughout the academic year.

Our goal is to establish a life-long relationship with our CHE students within their first year.

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"When we accept our limits, we go beyond them."

~ Albert Einstein

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