Program Overview

The Center for Human Enrichment (CHE) has intentionally selected program services that have demonstrated success in enhancing student success and retention. Take a few minutes to explore CHE’s web site links that provides information about our student services.

The following services are a part of the CHE academic experience:

First-Year Experience

All CHE participants attend the summer bridge Connections program. During this program, students are provided with individual attention, an opportunity to meet and develop relationships with their CHE peers, consult with a financial aid counselor, receive academic support and preparation, and prepare for college expectations. First-year CHE participants take the linked English writing courses and Educational Technology courses with their peers, and receive extensive academic advising services, have integrated tutoring options, and receive individualized support in navigating their personal and financial circumstances.

Academic Advising

Academic advising services are the cornerstone of the CHE student experience. Professional Academic Coaches and Peer Mentor staff meet with CHE students throughout their academic experience, providing individualized academic support services.

First-year CHE students participate in a structured learning community experience, in addition to CHE’s providing learning support throughout the participants’ undergraduate career. All CHE courses are small, intensive experiences characterized by both high challenge and individualized support. The courses are offered by SSS educators exclusively to program participants, they include: English 122, English 123, ET 100 Computer Applications, University 101, and LIB 150. For descriptions of CHE courses access the Curriculum Overview web page.

Learning Support

Additionally, our close connection to the UNC campus tutoring services, our own set of in-class English peer tutors, and various workshops given throughout the semester provide our CHE participants the academic assistance they need to thrive in a university learning enviornment. Students needing additional ESL support are welcome in CHE and will work with the CHE Tutoring Coordinator to meet their individual needs.


An integrated computer lab contains all the technology tools that our students need to utilize to be successful in an age of increasing computerization. Further, we have available advanced applications to allow those students with a flair for technological experimentation and growth.

Financial Literacy Resources and Programming

The CHE Academic Coaches are trained in supporting students’ financial needs. Students also receive guidance from a CHE designated financial-aid counselor who meets on-site with participants. Our goal is to help students develop the financial and economic literacy skills necessary to be successful college participants.

Individualized Personal Counseling

In partnership with the UNC Counseling Center, CHE provides free, on-site individualized personal counseling for all CHE participants who choose to seek out this service. Individualized personal counseling provides students with a helpful environment to explore personal and family issues that can often derail students from a successful college experience.

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