Curriculum Overview

CHE Curriculum Features

  • CHE courses have a student-to-teacher ratio of 15-20 students per one educator
  • Structure allows for more one-on-one time for students
  • All instructors are either CHE or selected UNC faculty and/or staff
  • Instructors regularly communicate how best to support student success
  • CHE taught courses are specially designed and reserved for CHE students

ET 100: Computer Applications chelab

This one-credit hour course contributes to fulfilling CHE students’ elective credits and is designed to provide CHE students with a fundamental and practical background in computer technology. The ET 100 course is required for all CHE freshmen and is taught by a qualified CHE staff member. Students are introduced to various applications, they learn to: effectively use word processing for composing, editing, and formatting course documents; create a budget using spreadsheets; and design effective presentations. In addition, students learn about copyright issues surrounding the Internet, web design, and digital imaging using Photoshop and Adobe Dreamweaver software.

English 122: College Composition

College Composition is designed as an introduction to college academic writing. In this course, students learn and practice varied types of academic prose. Paper assignments include essays that are specifically designed to develop students' analytical skills and prepare them for the level of critical thought expected in other UNC courses. An emphasis is placed on grammar, organization, and logical reasoning. This is a 3 credit hour required course that contributes to fulfilling the Liberal Arts Core Area 1.  Every UNC student must take ENG 122, unless they are considered exempt through ACT/SAT scores, AP credit, or concurrent courses taken while in high school. Collins

Guided Study Tables (GSTs) are offered to provide a structured study environment in which students work together and receive additional academic support in English. The primary purpose of GSTs is to promote student learning and development in college-level literacy skills. GSTs offer a flexible structure that will adapt to student needs over the course of the semester.  Special curricular attention will be given to the developmental English and ESL needs of CHE students.

English 123: College Research Paper

College Research Paper is designed to be an extension of English 122. This course develops further critical, analytical, persuasive writing skills, and emphasizes the proper collection and incorporation of researched sources in academic writing. Given the degree to which outside sources are fundamental to English 123, the course also emphasizes the importance of developing critical reading skills. Students will learn practical library skills including the use of available library technology and tools. They will also learn to use the MLA citation style and will become familiarize with other citation formats such as APA and Chicago styles.

Unlike sections of English 123 taught through the English Department, CHE sections of English 123 incorporate a tutorial component along with a one-credit hour course in library information and technology information (Library 150). CHE students learn research techniques and hands-on library skills applicable to their English course project.

FYE 108: First Year Experience Course

This one-credit hour course contributes to fulfilling students elective credits, it is required for all CHE First-Year students. The course is designed to support new first year students in successfully transitioning from high school to college. The class covers topics such as: academic skills necessary for academic success, how to get involved with the campus community, accessing campus resources, understanding the student’s major, and the requirements needed to attain a college degree. Two of the four sections will be linked with the Challenge Ropes course (described below) which focuses on leadership skills and cooperative learning.


SES 132: Challenge Ropes Course

This one-credit hour course is taught by faculty from the School of Sport and Exercise Science. SES 132 contributes to fulfilling the student’s elective credits in collaboration with its linked course FYE 108. Students are provided opportunities to explore and strengthen their individual leadership skills in a safe team building setting.

HESA 173: Career Exploration

This one-credit hour course assists students in exploring and selecting a major that meets their interests, skills, and talents.  If students have too many choices or no idea what they might want to major in, this course is for them. The HESA 173 course is taught in collaboration with the UNC Career Services staff.

HESA 173: Junior/Senior Capstone

This unique capstone is a one-credit hour course that guides students in beginning to visualize and prepare for their life after college.  Students consider opportunities for internships and work-related experiences as well as the opportunity for graduate school. Students will prepare a resume, develop effective interviewing skills, learn how to conduct a productive job search, interview professionals in their chosen field, and attend campus-sponsored job and internship fairs. This course is also useful in helping students begin to financially budget for life after college.

LIB 150: Introduction to Undergradaute Research

In this one-credit hour course students learn to manage library information and technolog in a dynamic research environment. Every CHE section of is also linked to LIB 150 so students learn research techniques and hands-on library skills applied to their English course project.

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