Dreamweaver: UNC Access

To access Dreamweaver at UNC:

First things first:


1. Get Dreamweaver installed on your pc.

  • In order to use Dreamweaver, you must have it installed. Call UNC Help at 1-HELP.

2. Get Network Connect access.

  • If you have Dreamweaver installed, you must login to Network Connect in order to set up a remote site and to publish your documents.
  • Logon to Network Connect before you begin work in Dreamweaver to be sure you have proper access.
  • If you do not have the ability to connect, please call UNC Help at 1-HELP.

3. Get Web Server Departmental Application Form OR Webserver Clubs and Organizations Application form.

Before you can publish, you will need UNC approval. Download the Web server application form.

Fill out the form and FAX to 970-351-1354.

* Please note - allow time for these steps to be put into place. In other words, don't wait until the day you attend training or need to edit and publish your website. Act now!

Logon to Network Connect (Video)


remote login

  • Open Internet Explorer
  • Enter:   remote.unco.edu
  • Enter your logon and password
    • Realm >  Choose UNCO Privileged
  • Scroll down the page to Network Connect
  • Click Start. The server will begin the connection. Once you see Start button, click again.
  • You are connected when you see this box.

You are now connected to the network box


If you get this error, then you are not connected to the server. Make sure you have the correct server/root. Also check to make sure your password has been updated. Follow the steps above to get help.

FTP Error