Dreamweaver Basics: Tables & Bookmarks


Insert a table:

add table



add table

Insert 3 Rows

Insert 4 Columns

Table width: 600 (you can expand it larger or small if you need)

Border thickness: Enter 0


Merge Table Cells

To merge cells, highlight one area and click on the Merge Cell icon.

merge table

Enter banners, logos, images, links and content into the table.

Save your file.

To view the table, click Live View.

To view the page in a browser, go to File > Preview in Browser.

Add a bookmark:

To add an internal link on your webpage, you must do the following:

Locate the area you want to link.

Put your cursor in the area and go to Insert > Named Anchor

named anchor


or select the Anchor on the Common toolbar




Include a brief name (one word will suffice) in the dialog box.


Once you enter this anchor,an anchor icon will appear next to the word.

Add anchors to your list.

Highlight and select Insert > Hyperlink. Select the anchor term you created.

Click OK.