Dreamweaver Basics: Add Content

Get Before You Edit:

get put to server

To be sure you are editing the current live content of a page be sure to "Get" it fresh from the server.

  1. Select a file from your files list; you can select the file in either Remote view.
  2. Click the "Get" button
    • "Get" always copies the file from the server to the local folder, overwriting the local version of the file, no matter which view it was selected under
  3. Click "Yes" when prompted about Dependent files.
  4. You now have the newest copy of the file to edit.


Insert Images: (Video)


TO INSERT IMAGES SUCCESSFULLY -- There is a file structure in Dreamweaver that you must follow:

All images that you use must be stored in an image folder.

Open your web page

  • Click in the cell where you want the image to appear.
  • At the Insert tab on the top of the page select Inser t > Image
    or select the Common Tool bar and click the Picture iconcommon tool bar




Browse and locate the image you want to insert from your folders.

You will get a box asking you to insert text.

Briefly describe what the image is so that text will be included for those who are unable to view images.

You can ignore the Long description request.

alternate text box

  • Click OK to insert the image.

To Preview your page, click LIVE VIEW

live view


Insert Text: (video)

You can type text directly in the Document window or you can copy and paste text from other sources (such as Microsoft Word or plain text files).

  • To copy text from an existing document, select the area and either 1) right-click your mouse and select Copy or 2) select the area and select Ctrl C to copy.
  • To paste the text, put your cursor on the page where you want it to appear and either 1) right-click the mouse and choose Paste, or 2) select Ctrl V to paste.
  • Right-click to see additional formatting options.


Format Headings:

  • To format your headings, click on the title and select Format. (See #1 in image above)
  • Put your cursor somewhere in the title and select a Format size.


Create hyperlinks


Link to an internal link:

  • Select the text or image you would like to make a hyperlink.
  • Click on the small folder next to the Link field in the Properties Inspector. (See #4 below)
  • Browse through the files, and select the document to link.
  • Click OK.


Link to an external site:

  • Select a text or an image you want to make a hyperlink.
  • Click the cursor inside of the link text field in the Properties Inspector. (See #2 above)
  • Type the complete URL (web address) of the website you want to link or paste it into the Link box.
    (e.g. http://www.unco.edu).

Link to a document or pdf:

  • Make sure that the file you want to link is saved in your root folder.
  • Select text or an image you would like to make a hyperlink.
  • Click on the small folder next to the Link field in the Properties Inspector or
  • Highlight the word and use the file pointer (see #3 above) to locate document.

pointer file

  • Browse through the documents and select the file.
  • Click OK.

Link to email address:

  • Click on the Insert menu at the top of the screen and select Email Link.
  • Type in text for the hyperlink name.
  • Type in the email address.
  • Click OK.


Click Live View to view your document.

Or Preview in a browser and test your links. To preview select File > Preview in Browser >

Preview in Browser