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VR - Virtual Reality for the Classroom

Currently this VR training is utilizing Google Cardboard VR glasses and a Smartphone. Training will provide hands on practice with the Google Cardboard and a few VR Apps and 360 video. We will provide the VR glasses and a list of apps and videos for you to take back to your classroom. You will need to bring/provide a compatible Smartphone (iPhone 4,5, & 6 and Android 5,6, and others that have been manufactured in the last 1-2 years). Coming Soon..... MS Hololens Mixed Reality glasses!!!

  • Practice with Google Cardboard VR Glasses
  • Use & find VR Apps and 360 videos
  • Talk about the uses of VR in the classroom
  • Explore program specific simulations

Vimeo - Video for the Classroom

Vimeo is an online video streaming program that will store your videos and allow you to share them with outside viewers. CETL has set up a Vimeo account specifically for faculty to use to store and share video files for use in the classroom or online. Videos may be: lecture capture, talking head introductions, PowerPoint videos and more. This workshop will not teach you how to create the video but you will learn how to:

  • Upload a video file to Vimeo
  • Add search tags and descriptions
  • Share a video link with students

Clicker Technology for the Classroom

Student Response systems can be used to take ‘on the fly’ polls, incorporate questions into a PowerPoint Presentation to confirm student comprehension, take attendance, create quizzes and much more. In addition, attendees will learn how to manage results stored in session files from Turning Technologies' software; import all results into one, central location for easy organization of data; track participant performance over a period of time to determine cumulative scores or statistics for individuals and groups; ensure that objectives are met and learning has occurred for tracking and reporting; easy export of grades to Blackboard. Upon completion of this workshop attendees will be able to:

  • Add polling questions to a PowerPoint Presentation
  • Run a TurningTechnologies Poll
  • Configure response devices
  • Create or import a participant list from Blackboard
  • Create reports on student data
  • Create "on the fly" polling
  • Create courses in Results Manager
  • Create columns for session data in Results Manager
  • Add and edit participant list in Results Manager
  • Edit and manipulate data in Results Manager
  • Export grades to Blackboard

Learn more about Click Technology for the Classroom

Qualtrics - A Survey Tool

Qualtrics is a web-based survey tool available to all UNC faculty and staff to support survey research and program evaluation. Qualtrics allows for basic and sophisticated survey development, in a streamlined, easy to learn format. Data can be readily viewed in a variety of formats and presentations, and exported to compatible programs such as SPSS and Excel. Undergraduate and graduate students may be granted accounts when supervised by faculty or staff for class, research, or work purposes.

Request Qualtrics Account

Before attending the workshop, you should request a Qualtrics account:

  1. Go to
  2. Submit a service ticket
  3. In the ticket description type: survey account request.

At the completion of the workshop participants will be able to:

Beginner Workshop

  • Create surveys: individual and collaborate
  • Edit Survey: build question format and options
  • Distribute survey: mailing list of link
  • View Results:  reports by question, global, filter
  • Share Results in multiple formats

Advanced Workshop

Attendees must have experience using Qualtrics before attending this workshop.

  • Determine which kind of survey is well-suited for the research focus
  • Enhance the survey with basic skip logic
  • Make sense of and apply survey results in different contexts
  • Enhance the look and feel of the survey
  • Create and utilize quick polls instead of entire surveys
  • Force responses and understand why this is important

Prezi - A Jazzy Presentation Alternative

Use Prezi for a presentation alternative to PowerPoint and other presentation software. Create dynamic, engaging presentations using invisible frames, easy editing, zooming feature, send items backward and forward, use size and rotation to grab the attention of your audience! You can also incorporate your existing PowerPoint presentation within the Prezi Presentation! The software is a free download.

Beginner Workshop

Upon completion of this workshop attendees will be able to:

  • Create a free Prezi account
  • Navigate the canvas
  • Create a presentation from a template or from scratch
  • Customize colors and fonts
  • Add frames, layouts, shapes
  • Add path points
  • Find additional resources on the website

Advanced Workshop

Upon completion of this workshop attendees will be able to:

  • Add background music and voice overs
  • Utilize invisible frames
  • Insert pdf and video files
  • Insert PowerPoint presentations
  • Choose and create customized themes

Online Tools for the Classroom

This workshop will explore the use of online tools in university classrooms. Online tools can enhance pedagogy and bring a new depth to the curriculum! We will discuss how you may have used online tools in the past with focus on successes and overcoming challenges. 

Attendees will be able to articulate knowledge of how online tools can assist in the classroom

Attendees will be able to articulate 3 online tools that they can explore in their teaching.