Assignments for students and the strategies you use to evaluate their assignments need to be driven by the learning objectives for your course. In other words, the assignments need to support and reflect the instructional objectives for the course.
Here’s an example:

Course name: Writing Hardware Documentation

Objective 1: At the completion of this course, you will be able to analyze audience needs and develop content accordingly, given the assigned readings from the text, discussion participation and commentaries posted online.

Objective 2: At the completion of this course, you will be able to research current practices in writing hardware documentation, given assigned readings and discussion questions that required investigating information outside of our textbook

        Using the following course objectives, let’s look at how to explain an actual assignment that supports the objectives.

WHAT: Choose a sample of hardware documentation or a product guide that you have used and write a three page, double spaced paper in which you explain what type of documentation it is (purpose), and how you would go about collecting information to write this document if you were the technical writer.

Next, analyze who you think the intended target audience is AND justify your analysis with examples from the text book. Be sure to include specific details and examples from your product guide and the text to support your assertions.

WHEN: Submit this through the ASSIGNMENTS link in WebCT as a Word attachment to preserve formatting and your page design and layout, by midnight Oct. 27.

WHY: Successful completion of this assignment (earning a grade of 70% or higher) supports the following learning objectives:

  • Analyze audience needs and develop content accordingly
  • Research current practices in writing hardware documentation

HOW: Use the information readings and discussion postings from chapters 1, and 2 to complete this assignment.

TIME: Plan you time accordingly. Well written papers for this assignment generally take students about six to eight hours to complete.

Student Responsibilities

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