Making it Happen

unit five puppeteer

The puppeteer now focuses on the "3" marionette, the Step 3: Making It Happen stage of the 4-Steps. In the cartoon image you see light bulbs in the minds of the audience to signify a connection between what is happening on the stage and what the audience is experiencing mentally. Stage lighting, sound production, and the chunking of a play into acts or scenes are all metaphors for the information covered in this chapter. Instructional strategies, like a play or puppet show, are carefully staged presentations designed to involve or engage the learner in a meaningful way.

The Making it Happen Step could also be called the instructional strategies step. Instructional strategies are those things you do that “reach out and grab the learner’s mind” (Gary Morrison, conversation). Of all the steps in the Instructional Design process, creating the instructional strategy most involves the art of instructional design. This is the place where you work to make a significant connection with the audience. You attend to motivation, aesthetics, individual perceptions, and a number of other ill defined and often difficult to measure learner characteristics.