Knowing What the Learner Knows

Unit 6 Puppeteer

You now see the puppeteer with the "4" marionette highlighted. This marionette represents the 4th and final step in the 4-Step process. This is the step where you focus on assessing what the learner knows as a result of all your efforts to educate or train. In the image you see audience thought bubbles, with various reactions to the puppet show. The Step 4: Knowing What the Learner Knows step attempts to see into the learner's minds to check achievement of your objective.

Although the first three steps of our process are important, it is this last step, Knowing What the Learner Knows that tells us how well we’ve done our jobs as instructional designers. This information not only provides a measure of the learner’s progress, but also helps to guide the designer in revising the instruction and in developing additional materials.