A Four Step Process

four step puppeteer

Here you see the the puppeteer trying to answer 4 questions. These questions correspond to the 4-Steps.

  • Step 1: Sizing up the learner asks the question - who is my audience? How do I satisfy this audience and give them what they want or need?
  • Step 2: Stating the outcome asks the question - what do I want to have happen, what do I want my production to accomplish?
  • Step 3: Making it happen asks the question - how do I make what needs to happen, happen?
  • Step 4: Knowing what the learner knows - ask the question, how do I know if I succeeded and gave the audience what they want or need?

Even though the steps seem linear, you will learn that we cycle through these steps over and over. We also jump around them, from C to A, B to D, D to A and so on. It is easiest to learn them sequentially!