Tools for Richer Learning

Objectivist vs. Constructivist

This link takes you to a Web developer's perspective. He is basically saying that before you create a Web based instructional unit, you consider theory. He divides theory into two camps:Behaviorist and Constructivist. While the Behaviorists follow more of a Dick and Carey model (which he describes), Constructivists follow more of a Cognitive Flexibility model.

A look at all the Models

This article shares a growing concern with Instructional Design models and people's attitudes towards them. I like it because it discusses various instructional design models and how they represent a somewhat fuzzy domain of expertise.

Where does the four-step Model fit?

You will learn more about the four-step process/model we follow in Unit 2. The four-steps are a simplified ADDIE model

  • Analysis (Step 1 mostly)
  • Design (Step 2 & Step 3)
  • Development (Step 3)
  • Implementation (Step 3 and Step 4)
  • Evaluation (Step 4)