Quality Matters Non Cohort



All interested individuals can choose to participate the QM project with CETL in a non cohort fashion. There are two versions of the Applying the QM Rubric workshops available. The light version gives you a brief introduction about QM the review process and the rubric and takes less than 2 hours to complete. The rigorous version of the workshop, which requires 7-10 hours of investment, prepares you to review online/hybrid courses by using the QM rubric with meaningful activities. Upon completion of the rigorous version, participants may be eligible for Peer Reviewer Certification from QM. Below is the list of participants


Member Affiliation
Annette Alfano Human Sciences/College of Natural and Health Sciences
Yvonne Yousey Nursing
Linda Ross UNC DO-IT Center
Jenni Harding-Dekam College of Education and Behavioral Sciences
Erin Hunt Primary Resources
Ann Bentz College of Natural and Health Sciences
Chris Vegter Monfort College of Business
Anna Witter-Merithew UNC DO-IT Center
Pat Book UNC AVP
Kate Boyer Office of Extended Studies
Nicholas Eastham CETL


The two workshops for the cohort are offered as self-paced online short courses on an ongoing basis or can be offered face to face. If you are interested, please contact Dr. Li Wang at li.wang@unco.edu or call 351-1363 to sign up.