Quality Matters Cohort


All interested individuals who are and/or will be teaching online/hybrid courses can choose to participate the QM project with CETL as a cohort. We start a new cohort each spring semester. Cohort will take the Applying the QM rubric workshop, which requires 7-10 hours of investment but gives participants 4 weeks to fully digest the content. It prepares you to review online/hybrid courses by using the QM rubric with meaningful and interactive activities. Below is the project timeline for the cohort.

Cohort Commitment


Spring Kickoff Meeting accompanied by Wimba Virtual Meeting for Remote Cohort Members
Spring Take the online Applying The Rubric workshop (3 hours per week over 4 weeks)
  • Take the Peer Reviewer Certification (2 weeks online): Not Required but Recommended.
  • Self Course Review ( 5 hours to review a course )
  • Form review pair
  • Progress report and meeting
Early Fall Peer review team formed and start peer reviews and
Monthly meeting
Mid Fall Monthly meeting and progress report
Late Fall Final progress report, presentation and luncheon with the Dean

2011 Cohort List


Member Affiliation
Maggie Berg School of Teacher Education
Juliet Fried Human Services
Tabby Harraf Computer Information System
Sally McBeth Anthropology
Rick Newmark School of Accounting and Computer Information System
Chris Vegter Monfort College of Business
Mia Williams Educational Technology
Ragea Alqahtani Special Education
Val Middleton School of Teacher Education
Richard Schwenz Chemistry and Biochemistry
Wayne Trainor School of Teacher Education


2010 Cohort List


Member Affiliation
Kathryn Cochran Educational Psychology
Lyda Ellis University Libraries
Rhonda Squires Nursing
MaryJo Stanley Nursing
Francie Murry Special Education
Sandy Bowen Special Education
Silvia Correa-Torres Special Education
Michael Allen Psychology
David Gilliam Psychology

2009 Cohort List


Member Affiliation
Carrie Main Spanish/HSS
Ben Varner English/School of English Language Literature
Robin Brewer Special Education
Nancy Matchett Philosophy
Lory Clukey Nursing
Karen Gorton Nursing
Greg Heald Library
Mark Riddle Sociology
Phil Reickel Criminal Justice
Dana Walker School of Teacher Education
Linda Lohr Educational Technology



Cohort Inquiry


If you are interested in joining a cohort, please contact Li Wang at CETL 351-1363, Li.Wang@unco.edu.