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3D Printing

Airwolf Axiom 3D printer

The 3D printer is available for Faculty and Staff to print items for the classroom, presentations and projects. It has a large print volume, is easy to use, and can print in more than one color. Contact CETL for training and printing costs. You can also check the Media Services page for printing costs. 

3D Printing Examples

 This chainmail example took 9 hours to print and has connected loops of plastic on the reverse side. It is printed in ABS plastic.

3D printed chainmail, hexagonal flat plastic links

The ear canal example was printed for Nursing, is about 10 times normal size, took 4 hours to print and required detailed clean-up of support material. Printed in nylon.

3D printed ear canal, ten times normal size

The Medieval Font Basin was printed for Medieval Studies. Extensive clean-up work was required including hollowing out the basin of the font, trimming the edges, and joining the top basin to the bottom pedestal. It took 9 hours to print two pieces; the basin and the lower column. Printed in ABS plastic at high resolution.

Medieval font basin 3D printed in gray plastic with carved flowers on the side, sits on a pedestal

The tape dispenser was printed as an example, took about 2 hours to print, and had very little clean up required. Printed in ABS.

3D printed blue tape dispenser

This is Mount Rexor (from Dungeons & Dragons), printed for the Library. It is printed in ABS, is about 3 inches tall and required minimum clean up of support material. It took 7 hours to print. 

 3D print of Mount Rexor; blue castle with dragon head as the gate

These elephants are about 2in x 1in, printed in ABS and required very little trimming with no support material. They were printed for the CEBS Faculty Fellow and took 2 hours to print each.

red and gray 3D printed elephants with movable legs

This topographical map of Mt. Everest is about 2 inches square. It is printed in ABS and took about 4 hours to print. No trim work was needed. The file can be scaled up to increase clarity of the terrain.

 3D printed topographical map of Mt Everest in bright green

This fish is printed with no clean up and is printed as a movable fish skeleton. We used ABS filament and it took about 20 minutes to print.

 movable 3D printed fish example, printed in black

This is a cell phone holder printed in ABS for a customer. It took 10 hours to print. The green item is a pen holder, also for a customer, that took 15 hours to print in ABS. No clean up needed on either item.

 3D printed cell phone holder and pen holder

This 3D printed human heart section is printed in NinjaFlex, a flexible filament. It took 9 hours to print and required extensive clean up inside. 

3D printed human heart section

This is a U.S. map that shows the population of each state by elevation. It is printed in PLA, and took about 45 minutes to print.

3D printed U.S. population map

Virtual Reality


Virtual Reality glasses are currently available to borrow from CETL to use and test in your classroom or for presentations. 
 virtual reality viewed on a computer monitor by a boy wearing vr glasses
Google Cardboard glasses are one inexpensive option and very effective. They work only with a compatible Smartphone. CETL will loan enough for you to use with your students in the classroom. We also have a list of VR apps and 360 video that may meet your needs. We do not provide the Smartphone.


 google cardboard virtual reality glasses
Samsung Gear Glasses are also available from CETL but will have to be shared as we have a limited supply. They require a compatibleSmartphone for functionality. We can provide a list of VR apps and 360 videos for your use. 


woman using virtual reality glasses


Virtual Reality can be used for environmental exploration, archeology, geography, anthropology and cultural immersion. 
Virtual reality view of a river running through a gorge

It can also be used to explore architecture, archaeological sites, visit remote locations, and virtually swim underwater.

virtual reality view of the inside of a cathedral

Virtual reality medical procedures are a great way for students to watch, practice, review, and interact. There are more and more medical apps and 360 videos being produced every week. 

virtual reality medical procedure in process

MS Hololens is one of the newest MR (mixed reality) technologies available. We are currently testing and developing simulations using the Hololens and will offer them to be used in classrooms and/or labs in the near future. 

MS Hololens MR glasses