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Media Makerspace

The Media Makerspace has a new computer that contains all the Master Suite from Adobe, as well as a Neo3 Hovercam for scanning, webcam videos, and doc-cam videos. The computer is also equipped with Office 2016, Camtasia, Dragon Naturally Speaking, and a Webcam.

Faculty and staff will be able to work in a quiet environment and receive help from trained professionals. You will be able to add captions to your videos, use a doc cam and webcam to video-capture lectures, Powerpoint presentations, as well as other types of presentations. You will also be able to create and edit audio and video files, perform speech to text, and create documents using the Adobe Master Suite.


Axiom 3D printer

3D Printer

The Media Makerspace now has a 3D printer that Faculty and Staff can be trained on to print items for classroom, presentations, and projects.  We also have Virtual Reality technology available for the classroom. Learn more about training on the printer and Virtual Reality.

If you wish to schedule the room please Contact CETL . Also, please state if you need assistance with any software. One-on-one training/assistance can be provided by appointment.

woman standing, wearing virtual reality glasses

Virtual Reality glasses are currently available to borrow from CETL to use and test in your classroom or for presentations. 

Google Cardboard glasses are one inexpensive option and very effective. They work only with a compatible Smartphone. CETL will loan enough for you to test with your students in the classroom. We also have a list of VR apps and 360 video that may meet your needs. We do not provide the Smartphone. Check out the VR-3D page for more information.

MS Hololens is the newest MR (mixed reality) technology. CETL now has a Hololens that we are testing and developing sims to use in the classroom. Watch for news and opportunities to use the Hololens in your program!