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Media Services

  • Video: VHS/DVD duplication and media format change for VHS, DVD, and mini-DVS

Video Duplication

  • VHS to DVD
    Resident Instruction: $4.00 each
    Campus Rate: $8.00 each
  • Video Editing
    Resident Instruction: $50.00/hr
    Campus Rate: $70.00/hr

CETL offers Faculty and Staff Forum video recordings for free viewing as well as training videos that can be viewed at your convenience, using our CETL Vimeo streaming account. Click this link to search the video titles: Video Library

CETL offers a faculty Vimeo site where faculty can upload their own videos to use in the classroom. Simply send the link to your students or copy/paste the link into Blackboard. Contact CETL for training on this service or contact Robin Weber.

3D Print Pricing:

1 week advance notice for the print and 1 week to complete the print (minimum 2 weeks advance notice). You will need to provide the print file (.stl only), number of items, and desired color (if we do not have the color you would like in stock, it will take longer to complete the print since we will have to order the desired color)

Any item, $.50 per hour, not including clean-up time. (1 - 8 hours)

Any item over 8 hours: by appointment

Trim work performed by CETL staff, which may be minimal or extensive depending on the item: $10.00/hour, billed by the quarter hour.

If the trim work is to be done by you, be aware that it will take additional time. A dremel and/or a hot tip may be required. 

Learn more about 3D printing; printing items for the classroom and training.

Learn more about VR glasses to use in your classroom, VR apps, and training.

Contact CETL for additional information.