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UNC Card

The UNC Card is much more than just a normal identification card: it's the UNC employee's connection to campus life and community amenities. All faculty members can use the card as a banking card, library card, and door access (key) card, among other conveniences. To obtain the UNC card, you will need to have written communication initiated from your hiring department and sent to the UNC card office. Once the card office receives authorization, you may visit the UNC card office and get your ID card. Be sure to take your Bear number with you and be ready to have your picture taken. If you require special assistance with obtaining the UNC card, contact your hiring department and they will contact the UNC Card Office Director. For those faculty working strictly off-campus or online, card issuance must be obtained through the appropriate college’s Dean’s office by request.

Please call the UNC Card Office at 970-351-2821 for summer hours if you will be arriving prior to August 10th.

Office Location/Hours

University Center
Monday-Friday, 8:00-5:00



Visit the UNC Card Office Website for more information. 

Mailing Address

University of Northern Colorado
501 20th Street
Campus Box 2
Greeley, CO 80639