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Student Response System (Clickers)

Using Clickers to Engage Students in the Classrooms

clickerClickers, a technology that instructors can use in the classrooms to engage students, serve several purposes as student response systems, audience response systems, classroom response systems, and individual response systems. The clicker technology is a way to engage your students, gather data about their learning and conduct assessments in the classrooms.

Instructors use these systems to informally assess students' knowledge of a topic before lecturing, to see whether students understand a point after it has been explained, and to ask survey or opinion questions.


What is the Student Response System?

The clicker system is a wireless response system that instructors can use for various activities such as polling, checking for understanding of a topic, quizzes, etc.. Students simply press the button of a response pad or mobile device and submit their answers. A receiver, connected with the instructor's computer, receives the signals from the students' response pads and then transmits those answers to the computer. The instructor retrieves a record from the computer.

In the spring of 2010, the CETL conducted careful evaluation of different student response systems with the collaboration of a group of UNC instructors and vendor support. Now, based on the recommendation offered by this group of instructors, UNC will be using Turning Technologies as the standard student response system on campus.

The software is installed in all of the classrooms that have instructor laptops/ desktops, and receivers are also in place.

What do you get?

Instructors who implement the clicker system will receive a free Instructor Kit that includes a radio frequency receiver which will plug into the USB port on your computer, a respone card that allows the instructor to advance the slides from across the room, and a student clicker just like the one your students will purchase in the bookstore. If you have decided to use this technology, please contact:

Robin Weber, Instructional Designer, at CETL, 970-351-1757, robin.weber@unco.edu

Instructor Kit is available to pick up at CETL 351-2885 or cetl@unco.edu.

What is the cost (to faculty and to students)?

There is NO cost to faculty to use TURNING TECHNOLOGIES. You will need to contact John Daley, at University of Northern Colorado Bookstore and Fan Shop at 970-351-1331, to let him know you will be using the clickers and how many students he should expect that will be purchasing the clickers for your class.

Students will pay for a new or used response pad or “clicker”, at the bookstore. The "bundled" package includes a clicker and a ResponseWare license for mobile devices.

There is NO registration fee for students to register their clickers. Students can register their clickers through Blackboard or on the first day of class when the instructor uses the clickers. Instructions on the registration are provided in the Handouts and Information section at the bottom.

What to do next? 

Contact Robin Weber 970-351-1757


Inform her when you plan to use the clickers and if you need initial training.  Your Instructor Kit will be  available to pick up at CETL 351-2885 or cetl@unco.edu.


How to proceed?

Please contact John Daly, at University of Northern Colorado Bookstore and Fan Shop at 970-351-1331 to let him know the estimated number of students in your classes and how many clickers to order.

How can I learn more about the Clickers?

Local support

Please contact CETL at 351-2885 for questions, future workshops and information.

Information for Faculty

Information for Students