Banner and URSA Workshops

This page is for employees interested in attending trainings specifically for Banner and Ursa.

Training Programs Offered:

NOTE: Please Contact Information Management and Technology (IM&T) if you are interested in continuing with your training sessions.

New EPAF Training Videos

Insight Reporting Portal

Insight is UNC’s single destination reporting portal. Here you will find info like FAQ’s, help navigation sheet, and glossary of terminology.

Xtender Document Imaging

Xtender is UNC’s document imaging software which allows you the ability to scan documents and attach the images to Banner screens or organize in folders. Click here for the training manual for using Xtender which may be helpful for departments who are already using this software.

Business Manager Quarterly Information Sharing

These information sessions are scheduled quarterly and will allow business managers on campus to share and learn new information together. Topics will vary and may include new rules and regulations and information to create consistency on campus.

Banner Navigation

This training is for the new employee who needs to know how to navigate in the Banner software system.

Ursa Navigation

This training is for the new employee who needs to know how to navigate in the Ursa web portal to get information like pay stubs, self service, changing passwords and customizing your view.

New Employees System Orientation

This training is for the new employee to get general campus information on the following subjects:

  • FERPA privacy rules
  • HIPPA Privacy rules
  • What is PII data (personal identifying information)
  • Data Standards Manual
  • My Safe Campus
  • Security enrollment forms
  • How to get information on safety and sexual harassment
  • VOIP e-mail and phone security
  • Important websites on campus

New employees are encouraged to download and save the attached document which contains lots of information about systems used at UNC. The document contains many website links to forms and other important information. Whether you are a new employee or existing employee, you will want to keep this document handy!! Click here for the document.


This hands-on training is designed for power users who want to write their own reports for Insight. Prerequisites for this training include knowledge of using databases and report writers similar to Access, and knowledge of the functional area data in Banner. Training is available by contacting IM&T and must be approved by the appropriate Data Steward to give you Tier II Insight security access.

Click here for the training materials for this session.

Electronic Personnel Action Form (EPAF)

This training is designed for the employees who hire student hourly employees on campus. EPAF's are an electronic (paperless) process that allows online hiring of a student hourly or salary employee. This process cannot be used for work-study students.

You will learn in this session:

How to create an EPAF
How to view your current hires
Monitor the progress for approval
View history of student hires

Click here for the EPAF training document.

NOTE: Please Contact IM&T if you are interested in continuing with your training sessions or for a one-on-one session