Registration Procedures

The Registrar's Office provides a variety of services to faculty, staff, and current and former students:

The Registrar’s Office

Office Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:00a – 5:00p

Location (Greeley campus):
Carter Hall 3002
Campus Box 50
Greeley, CO 80639

Phone: (970) 351-2231
Fax: (970) 351-1870

Registration Procedures
The Registrar’s Office provides a variety of services to faculty, staff, and current and former students. Courses offered through Extended Studies (off-campus and online) may have different registration processes. Contact Extended Studies for more information and attend your program orientation for specifics.

The Registrar’s Office provides the following services:

  • Maintaining and updating various student curriculum records including major, minor, emphasis, and teacher licensure data;
  • Overseeing grade collection and processing grade changes, degree recording, verification of educational information, and grade forgiveness requests;
  • Assisting students with special registration needs;
  • Monitoring the course scheduling process, including setup of non-scheduled and Processing complete withdrawals from the University;
  • Reviewing requests for academic policy exceptions;
  • Helping students comply with legal requirements such as Lawful Presence, applying for in-state residency status, and requesting extensions of College Opportunity Fund eligibility;
  • Processing requests for official and unofficial transcripts;
  • Producing the hard-copy and web-based versions of the University Catalog;
  • Scheduling graduation-check appointments with seniors approaching completion of their bachelor’s degrees.

The student should NOT re-register for the course the following semester:

  • If the course requirements are not completed within the time limitation and the grade not received in the Registrar’s Office, the grade will be recorded on the academic record as a failing or unsatisfactory grade. The student may petition for a one-term extension through the Registrar’s Office if extenuating circumstances are warranted. For more information contact the Registrar’s office (970) 351-2231.
  • The grade of “NR” is used for honors courses, theses, dissertations, and other courses that have been granted approval for “NR” grading. The “NR” is assigned when the coursework requires longer than a semester to complete.
  • The “NR” will be replaced by the appropriate grade when the work is completed.

Current registration policies and procedures can be obtained from the UNC Registrar’s website:

Academic Calendars are available online:
Registration forms are available online:

Registration Cancellation

Students may cancel their registration for classes up to the first day of classes without incurring any financial charges.

Add Procedure

Students may add courses using URSA through the 5th day of the semester for full semester courses (short courses see add/drop/withdrawal deadlines) available online: After the 5th day of the semester all adds require the signature of the instructor and must be processed at the Registrar's Office in Carter Hall.

  • Days 6 - 10 the instructor may add the class by accessing the Faculty tab and electronically submitting the add request form to the Registrar's Office; or 
  • The student may access the add request form on the Registrar's web site and fax it to (970) 351-1870 or bring it to the Registrar's Office. This form is only available on the website during days 6-10.
  • After day 10, the Petition for Extension of the Late Add Deadline form must be completed and the signed form may be faxed or brought in to the Registrar's Office. This form MUST include all signatures and a Student Start Date to be accepted.

*Please note that Extended Studies courses must be added prior to the 1st day of class. Contact Extended Studies Student Services at (970) 351-1799.

Drop Procedure

Students may drop courses using URSA through the 10th day of the semester for full semester courses (short courses see add/drop/withdrawal deadlines).

Extended Studies courses must be dropped within 10% of the course contact time. This could mean that the course must be dropped during the first class day.

Withdrawal Procedure

After the drop deadline, a student may withdraw from one or more courses with a grade of "W" up through the mid-point of the semester. A grade of "W" will be displayed on the student's transcript and no refund will be given for withdrawn courses.

University Withdrawal

If a student must withdraw from the University after the add/drop deadline of a semester, s/he should contact the Registrar's Office in Carter Hall 3002 to complete the withdrawal process. University withdrawal percentages are based on the last date attended or days of instruction as determined by the Registrar's Office. A grade of "W" will be assigned in all courses for which the student is registered. If the student leaves campus without withdrawing through the proper channels, s/he will receive "F" grades in all courses for which they were registered.

Holds that Prevent Registration

Holds are restrictions that may prevent a student from registering and are placed on the student's record at any time during the term. Holds are placed on a student's record by various offices and are indicated when the student attempts to register using URSA. To clear a hold on their accounts, students must contact the originating office. Graduate students with holds on registration may contact the Graduate School for assistance.

Course Pre-Requisites

Pre-requisites will be checked at the time of registration. If students do not meet the pre-requisites of the course that they are attempting to enter and they want to pursue permission, they must contact the instructor for a possible faculty override. Please check the catalog for pre-requisite information. Please check the undergraduate catalog and/or the graduate catalog for pre-requisite information.

Extended Studies degree and certificate program courses are coded to allow only students admitted to the cohort or program. Contact Extended Studies Student Services at (970) 351-1799 if students are having difficulty registering for your class.

Faculty Override

Instructors may grant a registration override for a restricted or closed course. The option to override a student into a course is at the instructor's discretion. If an override is approved, the instructor will release the course by entering the approved student's Bear Number into the URSA system. The student will then need to go to the registration worksheet on the Student Tab of URSA and enter the CRN directly into the worksheet. Do not search for the class, as it will still show closed or restricted.

*Please note that registration dates and procedures may differ for Extended Studies courses. Contact Extended Studies Student Services at (970) 351-1799.