Teaching with Technology

Learning Management System/ Blackboard

UNC has adopted Blackboard as the Learning Management System. Once faculty members have been set up with their Ursa accounts, they can access the UNC Blackboard site. For technical assistance, please contact the TSC at (970) 351-HELP (4357), submit an email help@unco.edu or visit the TSC.


Smart Classrooms

Smart Classrooms are regular classrooms enhanced with various types of technology, including a projector, DVD players, VCRs, interactive screens, and other pedagogical technologies. Faculty teaching on the UNC campus and using one of the technologically enhanced Smart Classrooms should prioritize contacting CETL (cetl@unco.edu) to schedule a hands-on training session prior to the start of the semester. If any faculty member experiences technical difficulties while using a Smart Classroom, they can use the phone provided in the Smart Classroom to be directly connected with the TSC. If a phone is not provided in the classroom, the TSC can be reached at (970) 351-HELP (4357). The email contact for TSC is help@unco.edu. Faculty members are also encouraged to access the TSC online support resources. For regular classrooms, a portable laptop cart is available with a projector. Please check the equipment out at your department's main office.

For faculty teaching in off-campus Centers, the Center Coordinator will schedule a hands-on training session in 30 minutes prior to the start of the first class. Technical difficulties are handled by Center Coordinators with assistance from the TSC.


Student Response System/Clickers

Clickers, a technology that instructors can use in the classrooms to engage students, function as student response systems, audience response systems, classroom response systems, and individual response systems. The clicker technology is a way to engage students, to gather data about their learning, and to conduct assessments in the classrooms. After a comprehensive evaluation of multiple systems, UNC has adopted a standard clicker system for faculty members to use in the classroom. For details and support, please contact CETL, or Click here for clicker information.