Payroll Services

checkbookPayroll Services supports UNC's goals and mission by providing accurate and timely compensation for employees, and ensures comprehensive compliance with all UNC, State, and Federal rules and regulations. Visit Payroll Services at to learn more.

Adjunct faculty are normally paid in equal installments over the contracted semester(s). Adjunct faculty will receive their disbursement on the last working day of the month via Direct Deposit. A Direct Deposit authorization form can be found on the Payroll website.

Summer Sessions:
Provost guidelines for Summer Session salaries are based on enrollments.

  • Add/Drop date is after payroll deadline and therefore there are no May paychecks for summer teaching assignments tied to enrollment counts.

                Summer Pay:

  • First 6 week session – June
  • Second 6 week session – July
  • 8 week session – June/July
  • 12 week session – June/July

A Per semester Credit Hour threshold of 12 credit hours is required to be eligible for insurance benefits.  (Contact HR for detailed information).


Location (Greeley campus):
Carter Hall, Room 2005

Mailing Address:
University of Northern Colorado
501 20th Street
Campus Box 5
Greeley, CO 80639

(970) 351-2700

(970) 351-2852

Office Hours:
Monday through Friday: 8:00a – 5:00 p

To view your paystub, login to URSA and select the Employee tab at the top. In the Banner Self-Service Module click on the Banner Self Service folder, click on Employee, Pay Information, and then Paystub. Then you can choose the year and then the month. (W2’s can be viewed in this module as well).