Emergency Evacuation

Emergency EvacuationIn order to ensure safe, orderly evacuation of individuals in the event of an emergency, UNC has developed resources to provide guidance on basic evacuation procedures, and to outline the general responsibilities of the University community in an emergency evacuation.

The Emergency Evacuation document on the Finance and Administration page, in the table next to Annex D, can be downloaded at http://www.unco.edu/finadmin/ERPindex.html.

At UNC, all individuals with disabilities should prepare for emergencies ahead of time.  Prior planning and practicing of emergency evacuation routes are important in assuring a safe evacuation. For instructions on emergency evacuation for individuals with Disabilities, please visit http://www.unco.edu/facility/EHS/Emergency%20Management/emergency_management.html at the Disability Support Services website OR http://www.unco.edu/facility/EHS/Procedures/Fire%20Safety/Evacuation%20Guide%20for%20Disabled%205-12.pdf at the Environmental Health and Safety website.

If you experience a weather-related closure or cancellation at an Extended Studies Center,  the Center manager will provide information and instructions. When a Center closes, faculty will be notified by the Instructional Services Coordinator or the program Coordinator. Faculty who cannot get to their designated campus because of severe weather should contact the Executive Director at (970) 351-1931 or (970) 590-9773, and the program coordinator. If applicable, activate your calling tree to communicate with your class(es).

Campus Emergency Preparedness website: http://www.unco.edu/emergencymanagement/.  This website provides emergency management information for campus.