Determining Final Grades

Grading schedules and more details can be found online:

Final grades are due three working days following the last day of the class for short term courses. For full-term courses, final grades are due, each term, by 5 p.m., the Wednesday following the last day of finals week. For grading questions contact Michelle Heiny at 970-351-2231

Online grading through URSA is available at the mid-point of each session and available for full term courses 5 days prior to the last day of the class. Extended Studies courses that finish prior to the mid-point of each semester are handled by Extended Studies staff; contact Instructional Services at (970) 351-1035.

Submitting Final Grades Through URSA

Faculty must have URSA access to enter grades online (if you do not have access to URSA, please contact the help desk at (970) 351-HELP (4357).

Log onto URSA and follow these procedures:

  • Click on the Faculty tab.
  • Find the "Faculty Grade Assignment" channel.
  • Select Final grades at the bottom of the channel.
  • Select the course to be graded using the green or yellow triangle to the right of the course.

    Green Triangle = grade submission not yet started
    Yellow = Missing grades still out for this course.
    Red circle = No enrollment in the course
    Green check mark = Grades submitted for all students and rolled to academic history

  • Use the drop box to select a grade for each student, and last date of attendance when assigning grades of F or UW.
  • Use the submit button at the bottom left of the page to record grades for the term.
  • Instructors will see the following message when grades are submitted successfully:

"The changes you made were saved successfully" unless the grade of Incomplete is assigned to anyone in a course, then instructors must select the submit button again before final grades will be submitted successfully. Assigned grades are reflected in the Summary Class list view in URSA.

When the grade of "I" is assigned, the information-only messages following the table below will appear, along with a list of the students who were assigned a grade of "I". The Incomplete final grade column will display the grade of "F," or contain a blank, as the final grade to be assigned once the deadline has passed.  Again, this is information only, not the grade that is recorded.

Please remember to never share your passwords for any reason. Providing your URSA password gives others access to many other things you have access to such as your pay information, email, etc.  Sharing passwords is a violation of the University Regulations.  If you need access you do not currently have, please call the Technical Support Center at 970-351-HELP.

Adjunct faculty teaching through Extended Studies off-campus or on-line who require assistance entering grades may contact Instructional Services at (970) 351-1035.

Grade Explanation

Credits not used to compute GPA and not counted toward graduation.

++ Credits not used to compute GPA but counted toward graduation.
Courses for which "D" "F" "U" "W" "UW" "NR" or "I" grades are awarded will not count in graduate degree programs and will not satisfy program deficiency requirements.

"W" indicates an approved withdrawal from the course and is assigned only when the student has completed the official withdrawal processes. You will be required to record the last date the student attended class.

"UW" indicates an unauthorized withdrawal and is assigned only when the student has never attended the class for which s/he was enrolled.

"I" is assigned due to unanticipated circumstances the last week of the term that made the student unable to complete course requirements within the allotted time (e.g. s/he missed the final examination due to sickness, an emergency in the family).

The instructor must submit, to the school director or department chair, a written notice of the specific coursework to be completed before the final grade is determined; a copy is kept in the school and one is provided to the student.

To amend a grade of "I" with an earned grade on a transcript, the student must complete all incomplete course work by the last day of the next semester, including summer term.

Grade Submissions and Corrections

Faculty must submit grades via the Web to the Registrar's Office by 5 pm of the third working day after the end of a course. Grade changes or corrections must be submitted within the first six weeks of the following term and must be approved and signed by the instructor and the director/department chair. Spring term grade changes are also due the first six weeks of Summer term. Grade change requests submitted after the six week period must be approved and signed by the instructor, the school director/department chair and the Dean of the College (or designee). Forms are available within URSA, under the Faculty tab. No grade change request forms delivered by students will be accepted. Additional information is available at Click here for: Student Policies and Procedures.



Quality Points





A Minus



B Plus



Above Average



B Minus



C Plus






C Minus



D Plus



Poor, passing



D Minus, passing






Satisfactory - credit granted



Unsatisfactory-no credit



In Progress






Unauthorized Withdrawal



Approved Withdrawal



No Credit (audit)



No Report



No Grade



Credit Granted



Basic skills, fresh start and grade forgiveness


Fresh-start prior to March 1993


Grade (.)

Basic Skills