In This Module:

In this module, you'll get to meet Anna, mother of Sabrina, and the staff at the school where Sabrina attends. Anna co-authored this module with the intent to educate today’s teachers and future teachers about parent friendly practices that focus on serving students in the least restrictive environment. This is often referred to as Inclusion. In this module, you will learn what research has to say about working with families, Inclusive practices, and Anna’s perspective about the entire process.

Module Objectives:

After completing the entire module, you should be able to:

  1. Understand the importance of family involvement with the educational team
  2. Describe the legal parameters for the least restrictive environment principle as identified by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)
  3. Learn about one mother’s experience with supporting her daughter educationally, academically, and socially.

All About . . . Module Series:

The "All About . . ." module series was created with the intent to educate today's teachers about parent-teacher collaboration within five key areas: (1) Inclusion; (2) Individualized Education Plans; (3) Behavior; (4) Transition; and (5) Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Families. Too often teacher training programs address parent-teacher collaboration with very broad information making it difficult for educators to know detailed strategies for families who may be dealing with a child who has very specific needs. In response to this instructional gap, I partnered with various families and co-authored these modules to tell their story, their perspective, and to provide educators with their ideas and beliefs about effective parent-teacher collaboration. These modules are not meant to be used as sole learning packets about one of the five topics, but rather they are meant to be used as a supplementary to a class or unit that addresses the topic with the intent to include the family perspective about collaboration. It is our hope that you will find these modules to be useful and informative as you work with diverse students and their families through your career.

Tracy Gershwin Mueller, Ph.D. &
The families (Anna Stewart, Michelle Gonzalez-Yoder, Rob & Beth Schaffner, & María Avina)


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All About Inclusion
Learn the importance of and strategies for involving parents Communication between parties for successful inclusion Student empowerment - the goal of inclusion Instructional Strategies for Inclusion Accommodations for Inclusion
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About this module
I wonder ... learn more about inclusion by selecting the questions below
Learn more - Why should students be included into the regular education environment?
Learn more - What are the actual benefits of inclusion?
Learn more - What have been court rulings on inclusion?
Learn more - How can I be a parent-friendly educator?
















Hello, and welcome to the All About Inclusion module!

This module was funded from a 2006 Sliver/Set-Aside grant from the Colorado Department of Education (CDE) (more about the grant)