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International Scholars & Visiting Faculty

The purpose of the UNC Visiting Scholar Program is to increase mutual understanding between the people of the United States and of other countries by means of educational and cultural exchanges.

 Academic departments and our office work with scholars from around the world who are interested in coming to the US. Before coming to the US, Scholars must be nominated by an Academic Department at UNC. 

There are various types of scholars: 

  • International Faculty who would like to teach courses or engage in research or professional development
  • International Graduate Students who would like to engage in research or dissertation work and will not enroll in course work
  • Visitors that need university wide access and services
  • Visitors that will receive payment of any type

Regulations governing Exchange Visitors are established by the US Department of State.

Visiting Faculty and Graduate Scholar Procedures: 

NOTE: Complete application and fee MUST be received at least 90 days before desired program start date.

  1. Receive nomination from UNC sponsoring faculty member
  2. Complete and submit the Application for Visiting International Scholars.  Instructions will be sent to you upon receiving your nomination.
  3. Submit Application fee
  4. Submit a brief concept statement of the work you plan to accomplish at UNC and how it will meet the objective of the Exchange Visitor Program to “promote cultural and educational exchange between citizens of the United States and those of other countries.” (maximum length one page)
  5. Submit evidence of your English proficiency 
  6. Submit proof of financial support for your stay at UNC
  7. A photo-quality copy of the biopage of your passport
  8. Proof of immunization (REQUIRED if you will be in the classroom for any reason)
  9. A copy of your current USA visa (if you have one)