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Tutorial Services

In addition to writing and English tutoring within CHE, all CHE participants are encouraged to utilize services offered through the Academic Support and Advising (ASA),Tutoring Center. Individual and small group tutoring is available in approximately 130 undergraduate courses, so students will get support in study skills and in the major subject areas of mathematics, the social and behavioral sciences, the natural sciences, and business administration.  upplemental Instruction is available in 10-15 undergraduate courses each semester. The Tutoring Center serves first-year, transfer, and continuing students. Check out their full course list and description of individual tutoring services available to all UNC students. 

Make an Appointment

If you need help in any others subject courses (except English), please take advantage of ASA's tutoring services right away.  The ASA Tutoring Center is located in Michener Library, L-149, right around the building hallway opposite of the CHE office hallway.  You may make an appointment at any time in person at the ASA front desk.  You must bring your UNC student ID with you to schedule your first appointment.