School of Teacher Education Waiting Lists


The School of Teacher Education is responsible for scheduling and teaching courses with the following prefixes: EDEC, EDEL, EDF, EDFE, EDRD, EDLD, and STEP. We have no control over other courses. Please contact respective School Directors with inquiries about waiting lists, changes in schedule, and requests to create more sections.

Prefix Name E-mail Phone 351- Room #
ART Dr. Dennis Morimoto 2106 Guggen-
heim 104
BIO Dr. Catherine Gardiner 1843 Ross 2480c
CH Dr. Deborah Givray 1553 Gunter 2420
CHEM Dr. David Pringle 1292 Ross 3480c
COMM Dr. Thomas Endres 1507 Candelaria 1245D
EDSE Dr. Harvey Rude 1659 McKee 298
ENG Dr. Joonok Huh 1577 Ross 1284
PHYS Dr. William Hoyt 2487 Ross  3235B
ET Dr. Susan Hutchinson 1669 McKee 520
FL Dr. Beth Franklin 2221 Candelaria 004
FR, GER, JAP, CHIN Dr. Christine Moritz 1732 Candelaria 0016
GEOG Dr. Phil Klein 2372 Candelaria 2072
HISP & MAS Dr. Joy Landeira 2162 Candelaria 0295B
HIST Dr. Barry Rothaus 2902 Ross 3270C
MATH Dr. Dean Allison 2395 Ross 2239H
MUS Dr. David Caffey 1924 Frasier 108
NURS Dr. Debra Leners 2293 Gunter 3260
PSY Dr. Mark Alcorn 2914 McKee 148
PVA Dr. Andrew Svedlow 2515 Guggen-heim 204
SCED Dr. Ann Bentz 1519 Gunter 1090
SES Dr. David Stotlar 1722 Gunter 2590
SOC Dr. Karen Jennison 2169 Candelaria 2252B
SOSC Dr. Matthew Downey 2929 McKee 227
SRM Dr. Jay Schaffer 1676 McKee 518
THEA Dr. David Grapes 2323 Frasier 105
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