Self-Placement Guidelines for student teachers

School of Teacher Education will place you for student teaching and respect your wishes to the extent possible. However, you may arrange your own placement, if you follow these rules.

  1. You must be enrolled in EDFE 130 and complete the on-line application.
  2. The following districts do not allow self-placements: Greeley-Evans District 6, Adams County Five Star, St. Vrain Valley, Highlands Ranch, Cherry Creek, Thompson Valley (You may contact schools in Cherry Creek, but we must send in your paperwok). Many districts have additional applications to complete.
  3. We must receive the Confirmation Form signed by the school principal and the cooperating teacher at least four weeks before the starting day of your student teaching experience. Fax it or bring in person. Read the form carefully to understand cooperating teacher's qualifications. UNC will assing a supervisor.
  4. If your self-pacement efforts fail, we can still help you to be placed, but need at least four weeks lead time. Do not chose the self-pacement option unless you have a specific commitment or a strong previous connection to a school.
  5. You cannot change your mind or seek more than one placement at a time. Principals and teachers will be upset if you cancel a confirmed placement without a true emergency. It will reflect poorly on UNC and damage our relationships with K-12 partners.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Have a resume and a writing sample (a Letter to Cooperating Teacher is recommended) with you when you go for an interview or even for an initial contact. Call ahead and make an appointment. Dress professionally, be punctual, and learn something about the district and the building ahead of time.
  • If you are seeking the ESL Endorsement, you must be placed in a classroom with ESL students. Those seeking BIlingual endorsement must speak with the program coordinator about their placement.
  • Teacher's agreement to take you is not a gurantee of a placement. Bulding principals and district officials have the authority to approve or deny student teaching placements, and have many circumstances to consider.
  • Never contact a teacher you do not know. Building principals and other administrators are appropriate persons to contact.
  • Those seeking out of state placements must meet with Marita Johnson after the placement is confirmed. See student teaching abroad policies.
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