UNC Graduate School On-Line Application

Instructions for Post Baccalaureate Applicants

Step 1

You may begin your UNC Graduate School online application immediately. However, it will benefit you to read through these instructions designed specifically for the Secondary and K-12 Postbac programs. If you are not sure whether you should or should not apply, please contact the appropriate content advisors. Please note that the Graduate School Application does include a 500 word Candidate Statement (addressing your prior work with students in your content area and your potential as a graduate student and future educator). It also requests three references/letters of recommendation to be sent to the address below).

  1. Once you click on the link above, look for the link on the left that says New Applicant User Login.  Then you will be prompted through the process. 
  2. You will select Graduate Application.
  3. You will select the Admission Term
  4. Please enter the appropriate information for
    • Name
    • Mailing Address & Phone
    • Permanent Address & Phone
    • Personal Information
    • Emergency Contact Information
  5. Planned course of study
  6. You have two options here
    • A.  If you are applying for your Teacher Licensure only, please select Teacher Licensure: Secondary Education (your emphasis) Secondary.  Make sure that “no” is selected in the drop down menu.
    • B. If you are also planning on applying for a Masters Degree as well as your Teacher Licensure, please select Education:  Curriculum Studies MAT (or any other MA, MS, MM, or MAT program that is relevant).  Then you will begin the “licensure in addition to your degree program” and select “Yes” under the drop down menu.  Then you will select the “Next Program” button and go to the scroll down menu again and select Teacher Licensure: Secondary Education (your emphasis) Secondary
  7. Continue entering information for Previous College and Additional Information.
  8. You will enter Main Campus Greeley for location.
  9. You will then submit your online application.  Congratulations!
    Please send one copy of transcripts from each college you attended to:

    Graduate School and International Admissions

    Campus Box 135

    University of Northern Colorado

    Greeley, CO 80639 USA


    (UNC Transcripts are not necessary)

If you have any additional information to include or mention, you may email Linda Sisson at Linda.sisson@unco.edu with your information.  Please be as clear and concise as possible and include your name, contact information, and pertinent information. To confirm the receipt of your Application Packet, please contact the Graduate School at 970-351-2831.

Additional resources

Thank you and good luck!

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