This list of policies and instructions is for STE faculty and staff

  • To send a fax from your desktop: send an e-mail to the fax number with, for example: and enter 11111 in the subject. Any attachments will be faxed along with the e-mail text.
  • To scan a document on our copier: push Image Send, touch Address, find your name, push the green Start button. Do not send more than 10 pages at a time; network wont let more than 10 MB of attachments.
  • Cartridges replacement: The School will continue purchasing replacement cartridge for your personal office's printer ONLY if you agree to use Blackboard course supplement for your courses. Need help with Blackboard?
  • To add our copier as a printer, search network for CEBS-M620N.
  • Travel funds: see Financial Services Website
  • Book orders: Use faculty tab on URSA to order your own books.
  • To reserve a computer projector, a DVD/VCR combo or an overhead: tape a note to the cart specifying time and date when you need it. However, it is easier to just walk in and get one when you need it. If none available, SAPCE has agreed to lend us theirs, as we will lend them ours.
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