What to Expect from UNC Coordinators and Students

Selected Policies on Field Placements

  1. Consistent process.
    • All student teaching placement requests are done by Marita Johnson or Eileen Balcerack. The requests are sent to building principals, or to the district office, whichever is preferred by the district. In certain cases, candidates are allowed to arrange their own placement.
    • All other field experiences requests are done with the universal form, and sent to building principals, see the detailed field placement procedure and forms.
    • A partner agreement may be developed individually with each district. However, if it is not, the following standard Partner District Agreement developed by the Partnership Task Force takes force.
  2. No cold calling. No UNC student is allowed to contact district personnel, principals, or teachers to request his or her own placement. Exceptions:
    • In outlying areas (rural districts outside Northern colorado and Denver metro area, out of state and out of the country).
    • A pre-existing professional connection (for example, volunteering, or earlier field experience in the building).
  3. No change. Students are not allowed to change a confirmed placement, short of a real emergency.
  4. Presence in the building. All UNC field supervisors must report to the building office for each visit, and are encouraged to leave a business card or a visit form. UNC supervisors are required to meet with the cooperating teacher at the beginning of the semester. See other supervisor expectations and resources.
  5. Cooperating teachers qualifications
    • CT for final student teaching must be licensed in the licensure area, have three years of full time classroom experience, and be nominated or approved by their building principal. UNC pays a $100 stipend sent directly to the cooperating teacher.
    • CT for all other field experiences may have two years of classroom teaching experience.
    • See resources and policies for cooperating teachers
  6. No placement with relatives. UNC teacher candidates may not be placed in the building where their family members are staff or students.
  7. Criminal background check. Teacher candidates placed in any school must have a criminal background check. See our criminal background policy. In cases involving felonies and some misdemeanors related to child abuse, violence, or drugs, paprtner disitrict's HR will be informed about the criminal background at the time of placement request.
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