Licensure Information

State Licensing Fees

Initial Teacher Licensure-$80; 1-Year Substitute License - $40


In order to fulfill a teaching contract, a prospective teacher must be licensed by the state in which he or she is to be employed.  Licensure by the state is NOT an automatic event upon graduation and must be initiated by the student.  Below are the steps on how to apply for Colorado Teaching Licensure and answers to some frequently asked questions:

  • How do I apply for a Colorado Teaching License? 
    • Fill out the licensure application form online, save, and then print out. Note: You do not have to re-do your fingerprints for your license.
    • Order official transcripts from all universities/colleges you attended and submit them with your licensure application.  Your degree must be confirmed on your UNC transcript.  These transcripts are required by the Colorado Department of Education.
    • Submit the application, the printout proof of on-line payment, and transcripts of all colleges you attended, including an official UNC transcript or printed confirmation of transcript request to Vicky Stromberger in STE office (McKee 216, 351-1624) for review and recommendation to the Colorado Department of Education. 
    • Your teaching license will be mailed to you from the Colorado Department of Education 14-16 weeks after graduation.
  • What at the requirements for an Initial Teacher License? 
    • To obtain an initial Teacher License a person must have completed a bachelor’s degree and licensure coursework at an accredited university and be recommended for licensure by an official teacher licensure officer. 
  • Can the Initial Teacher License be renewed?  
    • Yes.  The 3-year Initial Teacher License can be renewed every 3 years.
  • What at the requirements for a Professional Teacher License?
    • To obtain a Professional Teacher License a person must have held an Initial Teacher License, successfully completed an induction program, and have documentation of ongoing professional development and assessment as determined by the Colorado Department of Education.
  • What is an induction program?
    • An induction program is a program of continuing professional development and mentoring for Initial licensees that meet the standards of the State Board of Education and that upon completion leads to a recommendation for licensure by the school district or districts providing such induction program.  Colorado school districts must have induction programs in place for beginning teachers hired by the district.
  • How long is the induction program?
    • It is assumed that an induction program will include one full school year.  For beginning educators who may need additional support, the induction program can extend to as many as three years.
  • Will I be eligible for a teaching certificate/license in other states?
    • Contact the specific state’s Department of Education to request the paperwork required for Institutional Recommendation in order to be recommended for licensure in another state.  The state may have additional assessments or requirements that may need to be completed prior to obtaining licensure or certification in their state. 
  • How do I apply for a Substitute Teaching License?
    • There are two different types of substitute teaching licenses.  You can apply for a one-year sub license through the school district(s) in which you would like to substitute.  If you would prefer a three-year sub license you need to apply through the Colorado Department of Education.  You can download an application from their website

If you have further questions or concerns regarding Teacher Licensure contact Vicky Stromberger at 351-1624 or

Read official Colorado Department of Education information on licensure

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