Elementary iWebfolio Sample

What is iWebfolio and why is it being implemented?

A standards-based licensure portfolio is a form of assessment and documentation required by the Colorado Department of Education for all teacher candidates seeking licensure. Completing the portfolio allows you to document your understanding of the Performance-Based Standards for Colorado Teachers and your knowledge of the Colorado Model Content Standards.  You carefully select and represent artifacts intended to show your performance, growth, proficiencies and competencies, and experiences. In addition, an electronic portfolio requires you to demonstrate your proficiency with technology, one of the standards for Colorado teachers.  Artifacts may include: text files, multi-media files, descriptions of experiences, reflections, journal entries, work experience, skills, learning objectives, learning goals and more.  iWebfolio allows your instructors to view your work and provide you with electronic scores and feedback.  You can also send your portfolio link to potential employers. Learn more information here.

Who needs to use iWebfolio?

The College of Education and Behavioral Sciences is integrating the electronic student-owned portfolio, iWebfolio, into several teacher licensure programs over the next two years using a carefully sequenced implementation plan. The plan is sequenced so candidates begin using the electronic portfolio from the very beginning of their teacher licensure program.  iWebfolio will be introduced to students in their initial education technology courses or in their first field-based experience.

Will I receive training in the use of iWebfolio?

The College of Education and Behavioral Sciences will train most students in the use of iWebFolio in their required technology courses. Workshops will be conducted for students who have not taken an educational technology course and are required by their program to use iWebFolio. For additional training materials on iWebFolio, learn more here.

Do I have to purchase an iWebfolio account in my Ed. Tech. course?

If your program has implemented iWebfolio the answer is YES.  If your instructor is using an iWebfolio account as a “text” in the class, you must purchase the account just as you would purchase a required textbook.

How much will it cost?

Currently, a UNC student will need to pay $35 for a one-year subscription to iWebfolio or $63.00 for a two-year subscription. Essentially, you are renting 500 MB of online storage space (in addition to access to the iWebFolio tools and templates). The cost is less than $3 per month per student. A good secondary use of iWebFolio is to provide a reliable backup for your digital files and projects. When you upload a file to iWebfolio, it is available to you on any computer with an Internet connection and web browser. Although iWebFolio requires that each student purchase an account, this is offset by costs that would have been incurred in the creation of a print-based portfolio (e.g. binder, tabbed dividers, color printing, b&w printing, etc.). In addition, the web-based portfolio can more easily being reviewed and distributed.

How do I sign up?

Go to iWebfolio, click on “Sign up now!” Enter “unco” when asked for an affiliation code. Follow the on-line instructions.

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