Frederick J. Bartelheim, Ed.D.

Professor, Educational Foundations and Curriculum Studies
Coordinator, MAT: Curriculum Studies Program

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Research Interests and Specializations

Teacher preparation, Web-based learning, Curriculum development and implementation


  • Ed.D. Curriculum and Instruction
    Minor areas: Educational Foundations,
    Teacher Education, Research Statistics
    University of San Francisco
    May, 1991
  • M.Ed. Curriculum and Instruction, Secondary Education
    Minor area: Counseling and Guidance
    University of Nevada, Reno
    May, 1986
  • M.A. Special Education/Behavioral Disorders
    Minor area: Learning Disabilities, Inclusion
    University of Nevada, Reno
    May, 1995
  • B.S. Secondary Education, Business Education
    Minor area: Psychology
    University of Nevada, Reno, May, 1982

Selected Publications

  • Bartelheim, F.J. (2013). Preservice teachers perceptions of the ideal classroom environment. (In review: Current Issues in Education).
  • Novak, A.D. & Bartelheim, F.J. (2012). General education students’ changing perceptions of students with special needs. Current Issues in Education,15 (2).
  • Pegg, L.A. & Bartelheim, F.J. (2011). Effects of daily read-alouds on students' sustained silent reading. Current Issues in Education, 14 (2).
  • Bartelheim, F.J. (2000). Book review: The right to learn: A blueprint
    for creating schools that work, by Linda Darling-Hammond. Childhood
    Education, 75, (2), 115.
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