Elementary PTEP Survival guide

If you wish to become an elementary teacher (K-6), you will major in Interdisciplinary Studies Elementary Teaching (ISET).

What to do When And don't forget
Declare ISET Major AND Elementary Licensure. Sign up for ISET Listserv As soon as admitted Make sure to visit the ISET advising center.
Take EDFE 110, a Checkpoint Course After completing 15 credits Watch for the fingerprinting fairs
Take EDFE 120, a Checkpoint Course Semester before the Literacy Practicum (EDEL 445 & 446)

FIll out the Request for Placement survey-

Request for Placement for:

Fall 2015

Register for EDEL 445/446 and any other classes you need. SCED 475 is highly recommended. Semester before Literacy Practicum

Print out two copies of the practicum handbook: one for you, and another for your cooperating teacher

Lesson Plan Rubric
Field Assessment Form (FAF).

Take EDFE 130, Student Teaching Application, a Checkpoint Course. Semester before Student Teaching. Complete the on-line request for placement as a part of the course (you can access it only through Blackboard).
Print out and read Student Teaching Handbook Before Student Teaching Start your student teaching when the school starts, not when UNC semester starts
Read Licensure Information page; follow instructions to apply for licensure. UNDER REVISION Two weeks before the end of your last semester. Do not procrastinate: you are dealing with state agencies. It may take time to process your application.

Program coordinator: Dr. Kim Creasy

Field Placement Coordinator: Dr. Margo Barnhart

Program Assistant Lynette Kerrigan

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