Criminal Background Policy

This policy applies to all teacher candidates in the College of Education and Behavioral Sciences.

  • All candidates must submit fingerprint cards and the Oath and Consent forms at the admission to PTEP. Failure to disclose criminal background information will result in immediate dismissal from the program.
  • Candidates with misdemeanors and felonies must make an appointment with the STE Director or the SSE Director to discuss this policy and to sign the Criminal Background Disclosure form.
  • The Colorado Department of Education may deny licensure applications on the grounds of criminal history even if UNC recommends the individual for licensure. • CDE Investigator, Educator Licensing Office can be reached at 303-866-6893. The investigator may be able to counsel students about likelihood of being licensed in Colorado.
  • The information on a teacher candidate’s criminal background may be forwarded to cooperating schools, which may negatively affect the school’s decision to grant or deny field placements. If such a request for placement is denied, UNC will make reasonable efforts to place the candidate at another school, but cannot guarantee a placement.
  • A committee consisting of the Dean's office representative, School Director, Licensure officer, and a program coordinator will review each case and determine whether the criminal background information will or will not be forwarded to schools. Teacher candidates will be informed of the decision in writing.
  • Convictions related to violence, sexual behavior, and children will be forwarded to cooperating schools in all cases. The information will be provided to school principals or district officials, and remains confidential under FERPA provisions.
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