Contact us

Contact STE staff and program coordinators. Please EMAIL FIRST, if possible. Always include the last four digits of your Bear number in all e-mails.

Who What to ask Phone #
Dr. Jingzi (Ginny) Huang ,STE Director & Associate Dean Ideas, complaints, compliments about the School 970-351-2546
Lynette Kerrigan, Student Teaching & Field Placement Officer Student Teaching & Elementary Practicum placements 970-351-1623
Vicky Stromberger, Licensure Officer Licensure, checkpoint courses/PTEP admissions, Early ChIldhood advising 970-351-1624
Karon Long, Office Manager Secondary Phases I-III placements 970-351-2703
Cheryl Sparks, Administrative Assistant General PTEP 970-351-2908
Dr. Thompson, Early Childhood PTEP coordinator Early Childhood PTEP 970-351-2070
Dr. Kim Creasy, Elementary PTEP Coordinator Elementary PTEP 970-351-1871
Dr. Margo Barnhart, Elementary Field Experience Coordinator Elementary Student Teachers & Practicum Candidates 970-351-2912
Dr. Middleton, Undergraduate Secondary PTEP Coordinator Secondary PTEP 970-351-2728
Dr. Christy Moroye, Post Bac Secondary/K-12 Coordinator Post Bac Secondary-K12 PTEP 970-351-2438
Jonathan Shaw, Off-campus Program Manager Off-campus cohort questions 970-351-2897
Coordinators of other teacher education programs
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