When you graduate from the College of Education and Behavioral Sciences, you’ll be confident that you are not only prepared to enter a competitive job market in a variety of fields or to further graduate study, but that you are graduating with a degree from a well-known and respected institution. Our graduate and undergraduate students are well equipped to succeed in their chosen careers. The dedication and expertise of our faculty members have helped raise the profile of the college, making it known for its high-quality academic programs and for producing knowledgeable graduates equipped with the best and most relevant tools.

Our faculty members are engaged in the community and are sought after to write books, review programs, accredit universities, testify before the legislature and lead organizational change. In the past five years, they have produced more than 1,000 published articles and been involved in more than 4,500 professional scholarly presentations worldwide.

Faculty members are visible and active members in their respective fields and have collectively served on more than 40 professional editorial boards in the last three years and received numerous international, national and regional awards. Using their professional connections, they help students network and make valuable contacts for the future.

The College of Education and Behavioral Sciences also hosts one of the largest teacher placement and recruitment fairs in the nation. Our students’ hard work, their thorough education and the reputation we have built for the college have proven successful with 95 to 100 percent of undergraduate teacher candidates placed after graduation. In our graduate programs, 99 percent of students are placed within a year of completing their degree.