Denver Program

Francie Murry

What is the Lowry Generalist MA Program?

The Lowry program at Denver is the same program as the MA Generalist Program with the exception that it is delivered at the Lowry campus in Denver, CO and it follows a cohort model (with the exception of any PTEP courses such as Ed Psych, etc). This means that the program is laid out for the students to take two courses per semester in the weekend format (4 weekends of Friday 5-9, Sat 9-5) classes and that a cohort of no more than 30 students complete the series of classes together. The program is 33 credit hours total, with more potential credits (9 credits) if you come without a background in education. The cohort is scheduled to graduate in exactly two years time if the students follow the schedule that is created by their academic advisor.

When is the Lowry Generalist Program Offered?

Each fall a new cohort is created. If you are interested in joining the next fall cohort, please contact the MA generalist Lowry program advisor.

Where can I get information about this program? When you are accepted into the program you will link to the Extended Studies website to get your course registration information.

View the Lowry program brochure and map.

Lowry Program Advisor:

Francie R. Murry, Ph.D.
School of Special Education
University of Northern Colorado
501 20th Street, Campus Box 141
Greeley, CO 80637
Phone: 970-351-1656
Fax: 970-351-1061