If you are seeking teacher licensure in visual impairment, you have been sent a transcript review form from the Professional Teaching Educational Program (PTEP). These are courses you must complete before you can get the University Recommendation that is needed for licensure in your home state. There are no PTEP courses needed for Orientation and Mobility since this is not a teaching license.

If you are already a licensed teacher in any area in your home state, you can get your PTEP courses waived by obtaining a Colorado Teaching License in that area. Once you get this license, please send it to your advisor and to the licensing office at UNC.

The PTEP courses that you need to take are offered concurrently with your visual impairment coursework. They are not prerequisites to the vision coursework, but they must be done by the time you enter your upper level courses. These courses are only offered online in set semesters and so you must meet with your advisor and plan out how they will fit into your schedule.