Visual Impairment, Master of Arts

Paula Conroy

Dr. Paula Conroy, Coordinator of Visual Impairment

About Our Program

More visually impaired children are being identified each year, yet fewer teachers are being trained to teach them.
You can make a difference in the lives of these children by getting a master’s degree in Special Education: Visual Impairment at UNC.
Well-known as a leader in special education across the nation and the world, the University of Northern Colorado has been preparing people to teach in this rapidly changing field since 1954. Dedicated faculty will give you the knowledge and skills to help visually impaired students meet their potential in academic, social and emotional areas of their lives.
The master’s program prepares you to work with students age birth to 21, with a special emphasis on the needs of early childhood and elementary-aged students. The fully online program is ideal for full or part-time study by teachers, paraeducators and those without an education background. You will also complete meaningful field-based experiences with visually impaired students in your home community.

Non-degree Licensure Orientation and Mobility Program

The University of Northern Colorado offers a Master’s Degree program in the area of Visual Impairment and an endorsement in Orientation and Mobility. The master’s degree in Visual Impairment is designed to prepare teachers who will work with students who are visually impaired in schools. The typical duration of this program is 4 semesters. However, if a student enters the visual impairment program without a current teacher licensure in another area, there will be additional course requirements listed under the Prerequisite Licensure Requirements (PTEP). The Visual Impairment program consists of the required courses and practicum requirements agreed upon by the student and advisor. Students with licensure from a state other than Colorado may be required to take additional coursework to meet Colorado Professional Teacher Education Standards.


The student must possess a grade point average of at least 3.0 on a 4.0 scale on the last 60 semester hours. A minimum of two letters of recommendation are required. Although there is no admission deadline, it is preferable for students begin the program in the fall semester.

The Orientation and Mobility Program at UNC leads to endorsement in O&M and is approved by the national accreditation body, ACVREP. This program is available for those who have a Master’s degree in the area of visual impairment or are in the process of obtaining a MA in visual impairment.

The Visual Impairment Programs at the University of Northern Colorado utilize distance technology. The Visual Impairment program is entirely online and the Orientation and Mobility program has one on campus requirement of four weeks during one summer. For more information, please email or call Dr. Paula Conroy, Coordinator of Visual Impairment programs. (970)351-1651

Program Requirements

Visit our UNC catalog program requirements for admissions and other information.

Here is an overview of courses from the UNC catalog that are specific to this exceptionality area:.

  • Please note the mandatory Introduction to Graduate Research (SRM 600) for masters students in special education.
  • Advanced and core courses that are specific to this program.
  • If you entered the program without a Colorado Teacher License, you may need one or more Prerequisite Licensure courses. These courses are not required if you are already a teacher in Colorado. View the Prerequisite Licensure Requirements for more details, or contact your program advisor.


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