Course Descriptions

  • EDSE 682 Foundations in Gifted Education (3)
    The purpose of this course is to address the foundational underpinnings of gifted and talented education, including the history of the field; pertinent theories and research in the area of intelligence, creativity, and human development; knowledge of public policy; current brain research; and how these concepts can be applied in educational settings.
  • EDSE 683 The Gifted Learner: Nature and Needs (3)
    The knowledge base of definitions, characteristics, traits and needs of diverse groups of learners with gifts and talents will be examined. Emphasis is placed on identification, assessment and appropriate placements.
  • EDSE 684 Assessment and Identification in Gifted Education (3)
    Prerequisites: EDSE 682 and EDSE 683. The content of this course includes procedures in the assessment of students for the purpose of selecting appropriate and relevant educational strategies, and identifying students for services and programs.
  • EDSE 685 Curriculum & Instructional Practice in Gifted Education (3)
    This course focuses on development of curriculum and implementation of teaching practices centered on discipline-based knowledge, learning styles, cultural variation, depth and complexity of content, and provisions for independent investigation.
  • EDSE 686 Emotional and Social Development of the Gifted and Talented (3)
    This course is designed for learners to develop a knowledge base of the affective, social and cognitive development and needs of the various types of gifted students.

  • EDSE 687 Program Strategies and Services For the Gifted and Talented (3)
    Prerequisite: EDSE 683. This course addresses the basic program models, strategies and services necessary for developing appropriate education for the gifted. Real-life scenarios are basic in determining appropriate strategies and services.
  • EDSE 688 Communication and Leadership in Gifted Education (3)
    Topics include communication, consultation and collaboration for the implementation of education for the gifted and talented. Teachers are a main source of leadership for school, district and state levels.
  • EDSE 689 Creativity in Gifted Education (3) *
    The focus of this course is the examination of theories of creativity, research in creativity and the teaching of creative thinking skills in the context of gifted education programming.
  • EDSE 690 Highest Levels of Learning for the Gifted and Talented (3) *
    Prerequisite: EDSE 682, EDSE 683, EDSE 685. This capstone seminar is designed for learners to synthesize knowledge and skills regarding cognitive needs of students who are gifted and talented. Emphasis is on enrichment/acceleration, inquiry, seminars, in depth studies.
  • SRM 600 Introduction to Graduate Research (3) *
    Principles of research, design and analysis. Read and critique published research. Required of all first year graduate students except in those departments with substitutes. Taught every semester.
  • EDSE 691 Practicum in Teaching the Gifted and Talented (3) (6) *
    Prerequisites: EDSE 683, EDSE 685, EDSE 687. Emphasizes actual teaching and facilitation of learners who are gifted, talented, creative in actual supervised teaching experiences. Repeatable, maximum of 12 credits.