Gifted and Talented Specialist, Master of Arts

Stuart N. Omdal , Ph.D.

Stuart N. Omdal , Ph.D.

M.A. Program in Special Education
Gifted and Talented Specialist

This program is designed for educators interested in learning more about the unique characteristics and needs of learners who display gifts, talents, and creativity in a variety of ways. The 24-credit endorsement and 36-credit master’s programs focus on affective and educational programming strategies and options that meet the needs of students identified as gifted, talented, and creative, but that benefit all learners. Students within the classes represent teachers at all grade levels and within all content areas, as well as gifted education specialists.

Program Requirements

Here is an overview of catalog courses that are specific to this exceptionality area:.

  • Please note the mandatory Introduction to Graduate Research (SRM 600) for masters students in special education.
  • Advanced and core courses that are specific to this program.
  • If you entered the program without a Colorado Teacher License, you may need one or more Prerequisite Licensure courses. These courses are not required if you are already a teacher in Colorado. View the Prerequisite Licensure Requirements for more details, or contact your program advisor.