PLACE/PRAXIS Information

All students in the EC/ ECSE program at UNC take the following examination.

What? Test Code (PLACE) Test Code (PRAXIS II) When?
Elementary Content PLACE or Elementary Education: Content Knowledge PRAXIS II 01 10014 All individuals interested in a Early Childhood Special Education licensure must first take, pass, and provide documentation of the Elementary Content PLACE or PRAXIS II exams OR provide documentation of elementary education licensure. These materials must be included as part of the application for Early Childhood licensure admission
Early Childhood Special Education PLACE or Special Education: Preschool/ Early Childhood PRAXIS II 027 0690 Towards the end of the coursework, and definitely before you begin their practicum
Early Childhood Education PLACE or Early Childhood: Content Knowledge PRAXIS II (Optional) 02 0022 Towards the end of the coursework. It can also be taken after graduation. However, it is recommended that the test is taken soon after graduation. The test is optional and needs to be taken if students are seeking early childhood licensure in addition to the early childhood special education licensure.