AllECSE students who enrolled after 31 Dec 2006 are required to create an iWebfolio account and submit artifacts from their classes throughout their MAECSE program. The artifactthat needs to be submitted to iWebfolio will belabeled clearly in eachcourse syllabus. Your iWebfolio will be used asthe cumulative capstone of your MA program and will be required to graduate. Each assignment must begraded asproficient in all areas of the iWebfolio rubric.

The student's iWebfolio assignment for eachclass will be graded two times. First, your instructor will grade the assignment using a rubric that was created for the course. This initial grading will take place during your course and will be outlined in your syllabus. Once you have received a grade/feedback based on the first submission to the course, you will be allowed to make any necessary revisions prior to submitting the assignment to your iWebfolio account. If you have an assignment that is not proficient in your iWebfolio, it is your responsibility to talk with your instructor and create a plan to redo the assignment so that it is proficient.

The deadlines below are for students enrolled after 31 Dec 2006 only. Students enrolled before Jan 1st 2007, please review the deadlines for Research Paper.


Fall Term

Spring Term

Summer Term

Submit Written Comprehensive Request form to your Program Advisor. Aug. 22 Jan. 15 May 20
Ensure that all artifacts are up in the iWebfolio, Course-related artifacts for EC/ECSE program include:

  • EDSE 510: Interview
  • EDSE 511: Collaborative Notebook
  • EDSE 512: IEP
  • EDSE 530: Book Review
  • EDSE 531: Routine Based-assessment
  • EDSE 532: Research Paper
  • ESDE 533: Intervention Guide
  • EDSE 534: Review of Policy Research
  • EDSE 535: Assessment + Application Exercise
  • EDSE 616: Case Study

Non-Course Artifacts

  • Biography or Resume
  • Picture (optional)
  • One or two dispositions checklists (ideally one before and one after program; at the very least, one at the end of your program)
  • ECSE PLACE results or PRAXIS II results

EC PLACE results (optional)

Sept. 1 Feb. 1 May 25
Make the final changes to your artifacts as per your advisor's suggestions Oct. 15 Mar. 15 Jun. 25
Program Advisor will submit your grade to the Graduate School and to the student with a pass/fail grade. Nov. 14 Apr. 7 Jul. 7

More information about iWebfolio at UNC & at iWebfolio publisher's site