Prerequisite Licensure Requirements (PTEP)

What is PTEP?

If you are not a licensed teacher, you will need to take the additional Professional Teacher Education Program (PTEP) courses for state licensure. These courses are determined by PTEP licensing personnel and are treated separately from your degree program or non-degree licensure. The contact for all PTEP inquiries is:

PTEP Courses may include the following: EDSE 507– Field Based Experience, EDF 500 – Concepts of Schooling, EDRD 523 Reading and Writing in the Content Areas and PSY 500 - Educational Psychology for Teachers.

EDSE 507 is designed as the marked entry point for graduate level applicants applying for admission to an initial teacher licensure program in special education. The course includes 70 hours of observation/field experience for the two credit course in addition toportfolio requirements. EDFE 125 is a checkpoint course and must be completed by all teacher candidates who are not already licensed in another areaby the state of Colorado. This is a zero credit course. Registration for this course is handled while you are completing EDSE 507. Please note that the Teacher Education office will only accept complete packets so you must send in all materials together for EDFE 125.